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Quarterly Cleanings

The maximum plan is intended for those who have panels in the harshest environments and are wanting to have optimal energy production. Quarterly panel cleanings and kWh checkups ensure that your photovoltaic system is functioning at its very best.​

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Tri-Annual Cleanings

Our Premium plan is best for those who have a moderate pest problem requiring more frequent cleanup. We guarantee that your panels are functioning within their parameters while maintaining a dutiful cleaning schedule.


Bi-Annual Cleanings

Our Standard plan is recommended to any homeowner looking after their solar panel system. We record kWh gained before and after each cleaning. This allows you to take note of any issues that may have occurred with the integrity of the panels.

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Keep them out for good

Our proven pest-stopping technique ensures that pigeons, rodents, and other varmints do not cause damage to the panels, saving you from repairs. We also do a full cleanup of the existing nesting and excrement. 


See the difference!

As one of our clients can expect immediate gains in your energy production! Solar panels need to be cleaned to function properly, Western Solar Services can do it for you!

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